Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Twin Leopards

It seems like my pet leopards are still alive after a year of buying these leggings. Im glad they came with me to school today for my Major Studio project and also Strategic Marketing. I guess I've trusted these leopards for a year. They never got old. I love how these leggings don't make anybody follow the trends blindly. Its just all about being yourself. I never shop for anything if there is nothing special about the item. I always think about how unique the products are.

I got this bowler hat with ears from a random stall at Tampines Interchange for only SGD$ 16. 

These platforms are from TOPSHOP for only SGD$ 50 on sale. It was a great price for shoes made in Italy. 

I got this leather and cotton shirt from Banana Republic for only SGD$ 28 on sale. Thanks to my cousin for buying this for me.   
I decided to pair it with an old vest I bought two years ago at Shoe Mart back in Manila. 

My bodychain is from H&M for only SGD$ 19.90

These are the leggings I bought two years ago from Androgyne Manila for only PHP 200, back when I was still in the Philippines. 

Keep rocking and style creatively!,


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Colcci Fall/Winter 2015 - Sao Paulo Fashion Week

It looks like a mixture of prints for Fall/Winter 2015. Brazil is starting to become one of the best places for fashion with its large booming economy besides China, The Middle East and many parts of Asia. Brazil has been having great fashion nowadays, with their unique taste for prints especially their active wear brands.  Maybe Id consider working in the fashion industry there in the future? Who knows what might happen?  Id love to go there someday as well as Ive heard that Sao Paulo is like New York City.  I am also a big fan of their art, dance and music.  I also love Brazilian food.

This is one artistic collection with two toned pieces and shimmering boots/oxfords.  I see that these clothing are varying from tropical to outerwear. The gorgeous coats have such good vibrance even if they are the same color.
I see that quite a number of earth colors are used in this collection . They are still styled in an edgy way. The best piece is the red and black fur coat. The contrast is really striking and unique.    

I am also starting to love the fashion in Brazil! 

Stay tuned for more fashion reports!


Friday, January 23, 2015


As much as Im a movie buff and I don't mind watching super hero movies, I decided to wear a BatMan crop top and style it in my own way, going to school. This was my comfortable way of dressing for a whole day class. Spring is coming and its time to bloom the flowers. You can still look edgy in them.   Pastel, striped and checkered coats are the best while its still not too hot. You know you can fly high like one?

This crop top is from H&M that was only SGD$ 7 on clearance.    This pinafore is from Bugis Street that was only SGD$ 15. 

These floral  creepers are Far East Plaza that were only SGD$ 25. 

I got this clutch at ALDO for only SGD$ 23. 



Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Its time to splash some color in the playful sun while the heat is rising up in Singapore! It was very comfortable to dress like this to school especially if I have to walk in the heat all the time from the station. Summer is almost here and I decided to stick with the scheme of mixing monochrome with bright colors.
This is one way to be chic and comfortable for school especially if you commute day to day, carrying your heavy bags.

This color block blazer is from www.zalora.com.sg. The brand is Material Girl and it was only SGD$ 26.     My graphic tee is from Mango back in the Philippines that was only PHP 300 on sale. 

This cross body fringe purse is from H&M that was only SGD$ 20 on sale.  Boho style is the hit for Spring/Summer 2015. 

These leggings are from Adidas Originals that were only SGD$ 45 on a three day sale. 

I just got these sandals from the PVS pop up store at The Cathay. The brand is Jeffrey Campbell. They were only SGD$ 120 on sale. 



Monday, January 19, 2015

Universal Studios Singapore

Its always a great relief at an amusement park, especially when you get to ride on thrilling rides. I had such an awesome time with a group of girls from school. Its fun showing them around a little bit, getting them to know Singapore slowly. Universal Studios Singapore is the smallest one Ive been to so far but it was still a whole load of fun. My favorite ride was Revenge Of The Mummy with many drops in the dark. I am a huge fan of roller coasters. Ive always loved them since I was 9 years old, that I can ride them over and over again. I also loved the Transformers capsule ride in 3D.  I also enjoyed watching the Waterworld stunt show that never gets old.    I would totally love to bring them again when Battlestar Galactica re opens.

 Im glad we got to have fun and party before the work load gets more during the term.  After that we even spent time at Sentosa beach after, chilling, eating dinner and drinking as well, while the tram ride around Sentosa was free and we only had to pay for it at the entrance from Vivo City.

To be comfortable and not perspire at theme parks especially if summer is already approaching and Singapore is at the hottest point now. Wear a chic snapback with a printed tank or tee along with leather or printed shorts.  Its always a great idea to wear your bikini underneath especially if you may get wet on water based rides.  You will be able to enjoy yourself more and feel for comfortable on the thrill rides.  When it comes to footwear, slip on sneakers and gladiator sandals are the most comfortable and stylish footwear for outdoor events.   Low cut Dr. Martens or any combat boots are also comfortable.

Carry a medium sized purse for convenience to fit extra clothes, if necessary and also bring a foldable tote bag.

This pirate cat tank is from PACSUN outlet in upstate New York, that was only about USD$ 17.  The quality is really strong and I got this back in the Summer of 2013.  

My bib necklace is from TOPSHOP that was only SGD$ 9 on clearance. 

This snap back here is from Market Market (Androgyne Manila) for only PHP 200 on sale, back in the Philippines.

I am wearing these leather shorts from Factorie that were only SGD$ 8 on sale.
These chained slip ons from H&M (SGD$ 49) are the most light weight shoes in my closet. They were easy to take off at the beach.    This bow leopard bag is Betsey Johnson. My Mother bought me this from Marshall's for only USD$ 39. 

Ancient Egypt (The Mummy)

On board the Jurassic Park raft

Transformers Ride

Far Far Away land (Shrek)

Thats all Folks!,


Friday, January 16, 2015

Fashion Facts

These are the true fashion facts you definitely need to know in life. 1st of all, whose not a shopaholic? Who doesn't need shoes and accessories? No fashionista is totally complete without them. I wonder how many of each do you all have? Its just like ones body needing nutritions I guess! This totally expresses your passion for fashion!

This new kitty bomber jacket here is from Tomato in the Philippines for only PHP 700. 

This graphic tee is from ZARA (TRF section) for only SGD $11.90 on sale. 

These denim and leather skinny jeans are from River Island in the Philippines for only PHP 995.



Sunday, January 11, 2015

Orange Tag

Its great seeing fashion from all over the world. It looks like the fashion in Shanghai is growing.  This dress is just like an art piece. It's something that you seriously can't find.  The black and orange ballet flats are totally killing it as well, meaning that it has great contrast with the completely printed dress.  This is one collar dress to die for as well.  This outfit is seriously a balance with printed attire matched with simple ballet flats.  If you look closely, her orange eye shadow also matches well with her outfit. You also need to know what kind of make up matches with your outfit.  Its really stylish and its not what everybody wears. This is one example of being yourself and not blindly following trends. Having your own style is the best thing ever.

Another thing to do is to shop cheap and look expensive, especially for affordable street wear. Its how you style, not how you spend.  Just like Alexander McQueen once said, nobody wears designer head to toe anymore.

Special thanks to Angela for letting me feature your outfit. I really love your fashion sense and you also make a great buddy in Aerial Yoga! Its great that you also love Harajuku style fashion.