Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hats Off

Hats off to work! Show your personal style at your fashion job, in order to give signs to customers that you can help them style anything they want to buy.  You don't always have to be too formal by wearing the typical office blazers.  Your working in fashion and your style is supposed to be special. I love working at least twice a week in this job and at the same time studying. Drop by Raffles Privato on the 3rd floor, Paragon Orchard. Come check out the dresses if you need anything for prom as everything is in good quality by the talented designers of Raffles Design Institute Singapore.    Many of the long and short dresses will make you look the most chic at your prom, especially the exclusive designed gowns by Cynthia Francisca.      

I decided to go with my summer style by wearing more colors and also adding a new edge to it, by mixing black and grey with coloured tights and a multi colored skirt with my new color blocked  fedora from H&M that was on sale for only S$ 20. Go grab anything at the mid-season sale now! Its one convenient hat that can be worn at Coachella as well.  But I took the hat off when I keyed in for my shift because I thought it wasn't that proper and Im professional conscious as well.

This bib necklace is from H&M for only S$ 19.90.   I couldn't resist but buy it, due to it being not easy to find.    The sleeveless blazer was an old one from SM Makati back in Manila, PH. It only costed PHP 50 (less than S$ 1) to have the sleeves cut off.  DIY fashion with your old stuff is one way to clear your mind. 

This leather and cotton top is from Banana Republic at a buy 6 pieces and you will get a discount. I split the cost with my cousin.  My hats skirt is from Far East Plaza, Orchard for only S$ 20. The clothes there are the trendiest and affordable that Ive been going there since I was only 12 years old. 

These blue tights are from H&M that were only S$ 8.   My shoes are from New Look at a deal for only S$ 29.90 on sale. These are really convenient and from the improved comfort section.

Have fun with your style!,


Its raining Cats and Dogs

Its raining cats and dogs on a girls night out! Purring and barking on a fun Friday night out eating sushi and window shopping was cool! Im glad to have finally reunited with one of my closest friends. (since 2009)  I am also an animal lover myself, especially if I love cuddling little cats and dogs.  They are just like babies.  I decided to put this outfit together with a denim jacket, along with a maxi cardigan with this top. I don't have to fall into Spring/summer trends now days, as I just love to have my very own style, in my very own way.

My cats and dogs top is from SCAPE bazaar for only SGD$ 5. They have the coolest clothes from Hong Kong.  The maxi cardigan I am wearing inside is from H&M for only S$ 20. 

I am wearing a caged belt that was only S$ 45 from BCBG Max Azira, ION Orchard.  I got my 3 toned pants from Bugis Street for only S$ 20. 
Style up and be yourself!,


Friday, March 20, 2015

Triple Layers

Working in a cold mall the whole day? Well there are ways to semi bundle up for work. Three thin layers will totally do. I can't bundle up too much as I live in a hot country. I was at the store the whole day, at a very cold mall. Malls in Singapore are always really cold but if you go outside its very hot. That is some combination. But I love working here and being a full time College student. Sorry if my OOTD's are always late, as Ive been studying for my finals and doing my Major Studio Project. Fashion Marketing is quite a lot to do. So I can't wait to take design or styling in the future.

This Harpers Bazaar vintage tee is from Pull&Bear that was only S$ 11.90 on clearance. 

My blazer is from H&M in Hong Kong that I bought almost 1 year ago. 

My long shirt is also from H&M that was only S$50 and my skinny jeans are from River Island in the Philippines that were only  PHP 995. 



Sunday, March 8, 2015

Monochrome Cat

Are you always rushing in the morning, especially if you live very far? That gets me all the time going to school and work which takes about an hour by buses and trains.  Just throw on a monochrome outfit that will make you stand out stylishly or minimal colorful outfits that can match easily.  I know this is a late post because Im cramming towards the end of the term, waking up with a headache at times.

Again I am inspired by Tokyo Fashion. Its fun wearing cat ears if your outfits have cat prints on them.  I am also a big Kawaii fan, since it can be pretty edgy and also the most unique fashion ever. Japan is also one of my favorite countries.

My cat ears are from H&M for only SGD$ 9.90.

My graphic overalls that says "I do whatever I want" "I like whoever I want" are from H&M when I went to Hong Kong about a year ago. I like how H&M clothes can last for sometime.

My rosette sleeved pullover is from Bugis Street that was only SGD$ 10 on sale.

I got my kitty stockings at a Harajuku store at Bugis junction on the 4th floor for only SGD$8. There are a huge selection of designs.



Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fashion Code

I guess I am one certified shop- a- holic with the fashion code always being scanned! Its spring/summer 2015! So its time to bring back the fringes from the 70's. Since its almost spring break, I decided to wear pastel with a fringe maxi skirt I distressed myself with a scissors, multiple times. Just let me know if you want to know how to do it.   70's fashion is suitable for the season, as Coachella is around the corner. Its great to add some edge to Bohemian.

Here I got this graphic tee from ZARA that was only SGD$ 11.90 on sale. 

This fringe cardigan is from H&M that was only SGD$ 10 on sale. 

This is an old UNIQLO skirt that I distressed by myself for only PHP 290 back in Manila.

This clutch is from Miss Selfridge that was only SGD$ 32 on student discount.



Sunday, March 1, 2015

50 shades of Grey

It was a great movie night with my super cool family! 50 shades of Grey was quite intense but interesting at the same time with its unusual story (Both the movie and the book). I also had fun going out to dinner and drinking after the movie at No.5 Emerald Bar in Orchard.  You don't have to look provocative going out at night with your friends or family to be fashionable.  So I decided to spice up instead, with my Kawaii bowler hat I got at a random stall near the MRT station (Tampines)

Though the movie is called Fifty Shades Of Grey, Im wearing more shades of white! Oh well they are both bland colors.  Im happy I finally bought a convenient shirt dress that I can also use as a cardigan. It can be worn in many ways. This is by far one of the best things I've ever spent my CNY cash on.  If you get the chance to watch the movie, go for it, if you wont pick up any unhealthy habits in which I didn't. Im just naturally a movie buff especially if its not too much of fairy tale romance.    The only movies I hate are horror/thriller and suspense.
This shirt dress is from H&M that was only SGD$ 49.90.   I got this body chain from H&m as well for only SGD$ 19.90. I only buy stuff if they are insanely unique and not easy to find. 

H&M is always my destination that sometimes almost my whole outfits are all H&M.  These buckle shoes are from TOPSHOP for only SGD$ 50 on sale. 

All the best with fashion!,


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Proenza Schouler Fall/Winter 2015-2016

Proenza Schouler is having minimal meeting edgy this Fall/Winter 2015! This is one of the best ways to put outfits together. Loud accessories with simple clothing are the best and wont make you stand out too much. Those tights are so suitable for halloween as well. Proenza Schouler's items never go out of fashion especially their school-style bags that are always so convenient. Id love to own the studded one someday.  The coats in this collection are very smart and classic as well.   They are known for their minimalism and at the same time its stylish.

It is obvious that there is a certain pattern used, which is repetition with the same cut out tights are used in the same outfit throughout the whole show and  its a good thing because it doesn't look confusing at all.  There is some evolvement from this years Spring/Summer 2015 with the pointed booties that are color blocked.  The red and black pieces are by far the best and edgiest ones and will totally make a great halloween theme for October especially the red dress that looks like it has cobwebs.

Stay tuned for more  F/W 2015 reports!,