Thursday, April 23, 2015

Rock the trainers

Sometimes you gotta run like the speed of light, especially if you live in a place where parking is costly. This always gets me, especially when taking the public transportations.  Sometimes high heels can kill your body when wearing in them for so long in public and you can have a problem with the balls of your feet if you constantly wear them. Sometimes, stilettos in the whole public can make you a larger target like a game of laser tag especially if they are hard to run in, especially if it comes a time where you need to call for help and run fast in public. I work late at times, so I have to be very comfortable, especially if there are many indecent people in certain areas I walk in.  Its best not to pair contrasting prints with heels.  Sometimes women wear heels if they stress too much about how they look, which shouldn't be the case.  Your inside matters the most, if you are genuine and happy, people will come to you.

You can still look chic in sneakers especially if you are already a tall person and if you have thin legs. You can always make your legs thinner by working out constantly. Thats a healthier way.

The most trendiest and comfortable sneaker brands are Converse, Skechers, Vans, New Balance, adidas originals and Nike. New Balance has been a hit brand, with fashion bloggers, stylists and lots of people here in Singapore love to wear them as well. My favourite models are always the lifestyle ones, with prints on them.

You can always wear trendy and edgy attire to make your sneakers look more chic than ordinary, such as a maxi skirt or any style of printed bottoms.  That will bring out your inner confidence.

This striped jacket is from Forever 21 online only for USD$ 25 or 27. 

This body suit is from H&M that I got on sale for only S$ 15. My earrings and necklace are both from TOPSHOP at a buy 1 take 1 deal. 

My New Balance Kicks were only S$ 80 from the branch in Bugis Junction. Its a great price for something so soft and easy to run in. My fancy socks are from FACTORIE at a deal at 3 for S$ 10.

This clutch was given by my cousin from South Korea, one of the countries with the best fashion styles, especially when it comes to K-Pop. 



Monday, April 13, 2015

Fashion Steps Out 2015

Fashion steps out was the grandest fashion event Ive ever attended that I would love to attend it again next year if Im still in Singapore! The fashion industry in Singapore is already booming very well unlike in the past with the country progressing and being well developed.  Fashion events in Asia are becoming more stunning as the years go by.

To stay in style within the season which is obviously Spring/Summer now, I decided to be a little Moschino inspired with pink being the pop color and carrying my Barbie iPhone case from Moschino itself as well as wearing my pink lipstick from SEPHORA.   I also decided to wear a fedora and carry my fringe clutch to bring back the 60's and 70's.
 I had a really good time hanging out with my professor and her friend at the event and observing all of the Spring/Summer 2015 collections by local and international designers.  I also decided to wear something more comfortable than what I normally wear to a fashion event due to the heat and its an outdoor runway show.

This body con dress is from H&M that was only S$ 15 on sale. I thought it was a pretty decent price for something hard to find and its a classic. 

My fringe clutch is from H&M that was only S$20 on sale. 

I am wearing my fashion necklace from H&M that was only S$ 10 and my TOPSHOP moustache  earrings that I got at a buy 1 take 1 deal at the Tampines 1 branch. 

Lots of Love!,


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Just like animals

It seems like Im one cats and dogs lover! To keep up with the lovely bohemian trend for Spring/Summer 2015, I decided to make it edgy meets boho, by wearing this new fringe leather skirt I got at a good sale price. Its time to bring back retro this summer, from the groovy style to the hippie style.

I am more preferable of fringes as they are classic and will never die down. I would wear them all the time with my Jeffrey Campbell sandals to make it edgier or my fringe gladiator booties. I just wore a blazer to make myself look more appropriate for work.

I am wearing a letter blazer from H&M in Hong Kong that was only about HKD$ 100. My cats and dogs top is from SCAPE bazaar that I got for only SGD$ 5. 

I got this fringe skirt on sale at H&M for only SGD$ 18. 

These gladiator are from Jeffrey Campbell at p.v.s that I got for only SGD$ 120.



Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter colors

A very Happy Easter to you all! This is the day the Lord has risen. Let us rejoice and be glad. Always thank the Lord our saviour for sacrificing for us. Im very sorry you had to suffer.

Easter colors are always vey Spring cute. I hope you all attacked many chocolate eggs. That is one of the very few unhealthy things that I like. I seriously gotta cut down on them. Just YOLO once in a while on junk food, like only eat them on easter, valentines day, Christmas or when you are having sleepover movie nights. Today at work I decided to mix and match a kawaii outfit combing kitties and bunnies. I know I could have worn my bunny tights instead but they are tearing a part. I bought them in Hong Kong last year. I just decided to do some color combining.  This is one way I don't fall into trends. I just love having my own Kawaii style to be daring.

I wonder if you all hopped around hunting for chocolate eggs??

This sweets pullover is from SCAPE underground that was only SGD$ 12. That is one hip place to shop for affordable goods.  I paired it with this skater skirt that I got at a deal at H&M, Vivo City for Buy 1, get your 2nd piece at S$ 5. 

These Kawaii kitten stockings are from a Harajuku store on the 4th floor of Bugis Junction that were only S$ 8.  There are wide selections to choose from. 

This bunny backpack is from SCAPE bazaar for only S$ 15. I just couldn't resist that day but grab this unique accessory that can be used for many purposes.  Its also suitable for spring colors. 



Saturday, April 4, 2015


Get your fringe on for the summer! Cant make it to Coachella? Then just dress in your very own music festival style. This is one of my most casual fashion tips if you need to be extremely comfortable.  I decided to try a new style with a fringe kimono jacket. I bought it at Factorie for only S$ 9.90. This can be worn in many ways, closed or open.   A big thanks to my friend Clara for taking these photos for me. Your really skilled.

 Today I had a great day out with my friends, just hanging around Orchard Road, on a hot day mostly walking outside the malls. Its really awesome making new friends at work. So I would suggest to many students to get a part time job as a leisure time activity. You will not only find friends at school but it will also be good to find some at a part time job.  

This Fashion Blogger tee is from New Look that was only S$ 9.90. 

I am wearing a pair of tiger loafer from Rubi by Cotton On for only S$ 15 on clearance sale. These are really classic and convenient at the same time. 

These tattered jeans are from Bugis Street that were only S$ 15. 

This fringe purse is from H&M that only costed S$ 20 on sale. 



Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fitness Fashion tip 3

Top: Aeropostale
Galaxy tights: Cotton On active

(c) Ming Lim
This is me doing my regular aerial yoga (One of the aerial dance techniques)

Hey everyone,

Im finally back on after being very tired from school and also I just got back from Johor Bahru.

 Have you all been keeping in shape lately? Have you all been eating clean and maintaining your health?  Don't stop! Get stronger and motivated at the same time!  Ever since I started anti- gravity yoga in 2013 and doing more frequent fitness activities, my lifestyle got more and more comfortable as I always felt good after exercise and eating clean at the same time.  I get less headaches now a days because of healthy living. So I really encourage it.  If you don't like to spend, the check out the YOUTUBE channel GYM Ra or Blogilates who will make you "Train like a beast and look like a beauty"   This will also discipline you and make you do a lot more better at work.  Speaking of Blogilates, she also sells the coolest statement work out tanks.

You will also be able to think better with a clear mind, especially if you don't eat a YOLO meal too often. Sometimes junk food can murder your brain.   Try to snack on fresh fruits and vegetables. I constantly snack on cucumbers, carrots and fruits. Still, never starve yourself as well.   I mostly eat the Chicken Mcwrap from McDonald's which is clean with lean grilled chicken and salad.  Just tell them not to put dressing as it is fattening.  I don't eat much barbecue and I never eat any processed food.

Printed work out wear has been pretty popular now adays that many brands like Reebok are selling the most colourful ones. Fashionably fit is what every girl should be.  Its great to also have your own sense of style while you are keeping in shape.

You definitely need a toned body for your OOTD's to make your body as nice as your outfit.

A big special thanks to my Xtend Barre teacher (on the left), Beatriz and my aerial yoga teacher (on the right), Ming for helping me with this entry and to keep in shape with all the effective exercises.

I shall say that they have some style. You can be minimal when you work out, or print and patch yourself.  Beatriz is wearing a pair of colorful workout tights from a brand in Brazil.  As you can see, the colors are moving from the bottom to the top and it is very abstract.   I thought it was one work of art, and as Ive mentioned before I love the art and fashion in Brazil as it is really multi colored.

Ming is wearing a minimal outfit which is also cool. I like how it is paired neatly. Long sleeves are actually the best attire for circus and anti gravity activities especially  if you want to prevent getting rashes.

Keep fit and healthy!,
Train harder as the days go by!,


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hats Off

Hats off to work! Show your personal style at your fashion job, in order to give signs to customers that you can help them style anything they want to buy.  You don't always have to be too formal by wearing the typical office blazers.  Your working in fashion and your style is supposed to be special. I love working at least twice a week in this job and at the same time studying. Drop by Raffles Privato on the 3rd floor, Paragon Orchard. Come check out the dresses if you need anything for prom as everything is in good quality by the talented designers of Raffles Design Institute Singapore.    Many of the long and short dresses will make you look the most chic at your prom, especially the exclusive designed gowns by Cynthia Francisca.      

I decided to go with my summer style by wearing more colors and also adding a new edge to it, by mixing black and grey with coloured tights and a multi colored skirt with my new color blocked  fedora from H&M that was on sale for only S$ 20. Go grab anything at the mid-season sale now! Its one convenient hat that can be worn at Coachella as well.  But I took the hat off when I keyed in for my shift because I thought it wasn't that proper and Im professional conscious as well.

This bib necklace is from H&M for only S$ 19.90.   I couldn't resist but buy it, due to it being not easy to find.    The sleeveless blazer was an old one from SM Makati back in Manila, PH. It only costed PHP 50 (less than S$ 1) to have the sleeves cut off.  DIY fashion with your old stuff is one way to clear your mind. 

This leather and cotton top is from Banana Republic at a buy 6 pieces and you will get a discount. I split the cost with my cousin.  My hats skirt is from Far East Plaza, Orchard for only S$ 20. The clothes there are the trendiest and affordable that Ive been going there since I was only 12 years old. 

These blue tights are from H&M that were only S$ 8.   My shoes are from New Look at a deal for only S$ 29.90 on sale. These are really convenient and from the improved comfort section.

Have fun with your style!,